„My house is your house and your house is mine.“
Kay Barton (formerly aka Kay Piranha and Bionic K) was born in Northern Germany in 1980. From just 14 years of age he started to realise he had a passion for electronic music and his ideas soon turned into tracks with his computer using basic DOS operating software.
After moving to Southern Germany near Heidelberg in 1997, Kay was given the possibility to actually work on his career for the first time. Besides producing he started working as a DJ and ever since he plays dynamic techno and house DJ sets, always with plenty of surprises. For more than 3 years he was a part of La Nuit Bohème, the biggest event series for swing and electro swing music in Germany, as a resident DJ. Over the years Kay has played in many national and international locations, at events like Love Parade Berlin (GER), Street Parade Zurich (CH) and G-Move Hamburg (GER) as well as for several German broadcast transmitters and radio stations, like Sunshine Live. Since 2020 he hosts two techno mix shows at Evosonic Radio (GER), „Sophisticated Rhythms“ and „Wiener Wohnzimmer“ (formerly „Heidelberger Wohnzimmer“). Today Kay’s centre of life is Vienna where he currently lives.

Wake Up (Toptrax Rec., Germany, 1999)
Systems (Aiprun Rec., Switzerland, 2004)
Gott Ist Klang (Tec Trax, Germany, 2006)
Post Mortem (Tec Trax, Germany, 2007)
We Are Going To Hell (Tec Trax, Germany, 2007)
Tiefsee (Tec Trax, Germany, 2007)
We Crash The Party (Tec Trax, Germany, 2007)
Listen Up! (Cameo Tunes, Germany, 2008)
Return 01 (Bonzai Rec., Belgium, 2016)
The Bee Beat (Musique Estetica, Germany, 2017)
I Adore U (feat. Jared KF Jones) (Open House, United Kingdom, 2017)
MacroGod EP (Emerald & Doreen 2019), incl. Remixes by Dr. Motte and Mijk van Dijk
We Are (Official Zug der Liebe Megaevent Compilation) (Neuhain Rec., 2020)
Instant EP (Ballroom Rec., 2020), incl. Remix by Dominik Vaillant
Collective Breakdown EP (Trapez, 2021)
Get Rid Of Yourself EP (Trapez, 2022)

Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (Kontor, Germany, 2007, still unsigned)
Ripley & Jenson – Mad World (Cameo Tunes, Germany, 2009)
Thunderstriker – Finalization (Cameo Tunes, Germany, 2010)
Parklake – Herbst (Emerald & Doreen, Germany, 2015)
Parklake – On The Run (Emerald & Doreen, Germany, 2015)
Parklake – Moods 1 / Thief Movie Soundtrack (Emerald & Doreen, Germany, 2017)
Go Satta – Fight Right (Emerald & Doreen, Germany 2019)
Go Satta – Phoenix Gonna Get It Right (So Gateaux Rec., 2019)
Belix & Fela – Komm Mit Raus (feat. Nawel) (Emerald & Doreen, 2020)